Marine Compound Engine

February 2010.

John R. Bentley 2010.

Machining the
Cylinder Covers
-  for the Stuart Compound Launch Engine  -

(Part 1 - Upper Covers)

Top covers are simple in purpose and do nothing more than keep the steam in the cylinder.


Small steam launch engines often have round top covers as arranged for in the Stuart castings

However I preferred a more of a "marine engine look" as in a tug or small tramp steamer

Compound Launch main page


Castings, Materials and Fastenings


Cylinder Block

                 Top Cylinder Covers (this page)

Bottom Cylinder Covers

Steam Chests

Crosshead Guides and Bracket




Connecting Rods and Crossheads

Main Bearings


Fittings: Oil Cups

Fittings: Drain Cocks

Fittings: Exchange Pipe, Flanges and Glands

Stephenson Link Reversing Gear (5 pages)

Completing and Erecting the Compound Launch Engine


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(c) John R. Bentley 2010.