Marine Compound Engine

February 2010.

John R. Bentley 2010.

Machining the
Lower Cylinder Covers
-  for the Stuart Compound Launch Engine  -

Unlike the top covers, the lower cylinder covers on this engine are key components in the drive train from the pistons to the crankshaft. They support the upper ends of the crosshead guides and consequently define the location of the supporting bracket for the guides on the engine's columns - a component which also locates the reversing shaft.

These covers determine the parallelism between the crosshead travel and the piston rods. Of course in addition they contain the packing glands for the piston rods. The lower covers are not at all difficult to machine, but the builder should adhere closely to the stated dimensions on the plans. (I do take exception to the suggested depth of the crosshead slider mounting screws however and I have made more comment about that later on this page)

Here is a bottom view of the castings showing the stuffing boxes

Taking a reference position from the bottom edge of the cover with the point of a 1/8" centre drill

Drilling the holes for the crosshead guide attachment screws

This job went very well - you can see that two photos down. However at a later point in construction I managed to get into a considerable amount of unnecessary trouble as a result of following the plans too closely regarding the depth of these threads. If you want to read more Click Here

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